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Kevin Kelly site lolita13info lolita russian Our household consisted of Our Dad Ryan who was 39 at the time
of this happening. Then there was my twin Brother Timmy like be Blonde
just 6 foot and if its not too immodest of one identical twin to say of
another? He is drop dead beautiful. A real head turner. I suppose You
can tell I've got this weird crush on my own Twin Brother. I never let
on to him and never came on to him. But what went on in my mind would
have shocked his ass off. Tim and myself Kyle need not wonder what we
might look like in 20 Years. Dad was the perfect example and so very
virile and manly looking like a slightly older version of Us twins. This
was Our Family and now that We twins were 18 life in the Kelly Family
was going to get very interesting indeed, Beyond my wildest dreams.
Dad came home from his office in Baltimore and let Us know what
He'd been offered. There was to be a year long study of some reefs in lolita and c p the
Pacific. A team of three men were to live on this small Island on a sixty
foot long boat. chuck filled with all kinds of equipment. This equipment
would monitor and measure the reef and it Marine life for the whole Year.
Dad was talking about it over dinner as if it was just some interesting
proposition at the Office. Timmy and myself were just looking at each
other as Dad went on and on. We were kind of Ho-humming the whole thing.
To Us it was just an interesting tale. But then I started to figure it
our as Dad went on and on. He was kind of like selling Us on what a
great adventure it would be for the three lucky Men. Round the clock pay
checks was only one of the perks He was saying. The ship preteen lolitas pussy bbs as he called it
was state of the art. Not only with the equipment for the study but
creator lolita and c p comforts as well. Hook ups that gave the ship State side TV and
games. Top shelf food delivered by Navy helicopters twice a month. Again
the mention of the round the clock pay check. top 100 young lolitas
The Oceanographer on the
year long trip would be getting no less then $300,000 for himself and the
two assistants would be paid a hefty $125,000 each." Not bad for two Young Men just out of high school" Dad said as he
sipped his wine.Timmy raised his own glass of wine and said. " Hell no, $125,000 site lolita13info lolita russian bucks
and living on a luxury private ship for a year in the middle of the
Pacific Ocean, Not bad at all really. Yea Good deal for some lucky Guys
like You say Dad."I was looking at my Dad. He was slick and I knew what was coming up. I
knew he was just too fired up about this opportunity. I knew He had the
pull with his office to make it work. I just looked at Dad and smiled
saying." We are the lucky Guy's Am I right Dad?Now it was Dad who was lifting his wine glass as if in a toast and
winking at me saying." Kyle, You've got that right. We can be the lucky Guys? Its all ours for
the asking. Spending our days scuba diving in the clear clean untouched
Pacific, Eat like kings on Our own private luxury ship. Then raking in
the money like bandits. Plus you two are full time employees of the
agency and set for life. Plus not to mention the $125,000 waiting when We
get back home for the two of You."Timmy never to be the quite one or to take things lightly was standing
up." Whoa, Here a minute. Dad You can't be serious about this? A fucking
year out in the middle of nowhere? That scuba diving will be old in two
weeks then there will be 50 weeks of boring ocean to look at. No way Dad
count me out."I was always able to calm my twin Brother and seemed to know how to push
all the right buttons. I said." Think about it Timmy, Think Man what the hell are we going to spend on
the Island that year? Everything is going to be provided free. Then there
is not only $125,000 waiting for Us at the end but we'll be full Federal
employees to boot. We'll be set for life. One Year That's all. eternal beauty lolita russia Look on it
as a long fishing trip."Timmy laughed and Dad shot me a glance of gratitude for chipping in. Then
Timmy sat down deep in thought. We let him have his little while to let
it all sink in. I knew Timmy would be pro and coning it all. The money,
The job. He looked up with that mischievous smile of his. At that moment
with that smile on his face, which was a copy of mine I wanted him
sexually more then ever. As close as we were at home I knew that alone
with Timmy on a ship for a year would be my best shot at getting it on
with him. I knew he was really into the Girls and getting regular sex
from them all the time. I knew or at least hoped that alone on the ship
I'd be looking good after a short while." OK" Timmy was standing and saying. " OK lets say we do this. Go out to
some deserted Island the three of Us alone. We come back with pockets
full of money. Good Government jobs for life, Great food to eat and booze
to drink. All that good stuff. Still there are bad things we have to talk
about? Its not going to be all peaches and cream You know?Dad was pouring us all more wine, " Bad things? What Bad things Timmy?Before Timmy my twin could answer I cut in with." He means sex Dad, No Sex for a year. You know Timmy here, He is the
Casanova man now. A year for him without pussy is a life sentence."Dad was in a belly laugh now and His blue eyes gleaming. He looked so
handsome. Hell I even had a thing for my own Dad too." Well, I am sure three intelligent, Resourceful Men like Us three can,
Ah, Figure out some ways to help each other out in that area. Hell if a
bunch of uneducated Criminals is jail figure out how to get their needs
handled and taken care of, I am sure we can do the same?My jaw nearly dropped on the floor. This was my Dad saying and
suggesting this! Like it was the most natural solution in the world. He
my handsome Blonde Adonis Dad preteen lolita bbs links was suggesting we engage in mutual male on
male sexual gratification. I could not have loved this man any more.
money or no money? Job or no Job? I was all behind this move.
Dad smiled at me and seeing my shock he laughed then we both looked at
Timmy. He had been as shocked as I was. He was leaning back in his chair
mouth wide open and His blue eyes nearly bulging out of their sockets." You can't be serious Dad? Your suggesting we do sex with each other?
Suggesting we commit incest with each other?Dad again surprised me. " I am Serious as Sin Timmy, You and Kyle know my
job and schooling is in the study of creatures. We Human being are
creatures like any other. left on their own its purely natural from a
biological point of view for Male Human's to think along those lines.
Guys in the Military or in jails have been doing it for as long as there
have been men on earth. After they tend to return to normal situations
and forget what happened. I am just being up front and honest here.
Covering all the bases, This way we all know what's involved in this
deal. Of course we three may be the exceptions to the rule and nothing
will happen, We won't have those sexual urges?Timmy chuckled and then looked from Dad to me and held his glass to Dad
for a refill. Glass filled he sat up some and I could see he was once
again back in charge of himself. This would be the making or breaking of
the Deal on Sex?Looking at me he smiled and locked eyes with me." Kyle, See what happens when You have a smart Old man for a Father? he
reached out and was touching my hand, Sending electric shocks all through
my body. I was so turned on, So excited by what was being promised." Kyle, We are identical twins. Looking at each other is like looking in
the mirror. So I'd be lying if I ever said I don't think Your a good
looking man. Same for Dad here. Look at him. Perfect V shaped body. Full
thick head of Blonde hair. Looks like he lives in a Gym. You both great
looking sexy Men. Any Women would die to have Your dark loli pedo galleries two cocks in them.
But I've never thought of You two in that way. I mean its crossed my mind
sometimes. You know I'd think what it would be like being a Women with
Dad's hard tight body on top of me. Or You under me taking a fucking.
Sure those thoughts crossed my mind but this is for real, This is serious
here. We are really thinking of having Male sex?He was still rubbing my hand. That act and the way he was rubbing my hand
told me something much different then what his words were telling me. His
eyes were burning into mine. The same light deep blue eyes we all had. I
turned my hand in his and now it was me squeezing his hand." Timmy" I began as now I was really squeezing his hand in fear it could
all slip away if I didn't now say the right words? Timmy. We are twins.
Identical in every detail." I purposely allowed my own eyes to look down
towards my crotch. My meaningful glance was not wasted on Timmy. His eyes
followed mine down to my engorged crotch and widened at seeing how hard
my cock was. You've thought of it and I am glad You felt free free lolitas bbs menores
enough now
to admit to that. I have been having those feelings a whole lot. For
both You and Dad. What I am saying is I would have no problem with Us
helping each other like that at all."There it was, It was all out there. Good or Bad? I had put my head in the
chopping block. I had admitted my true feelings for both My Brother and
my Father. The silence in the room was so thick You could cut it with a
knife. I was regretting it all. Afraid Timmy was going to get up and pull
away in total disgust? Then Dad's big strong hand came on top of both
mine and Timmy's. Timmy's eyes left my crotch and looked at Dad. There
were tears in his eyes. Dad smiled and said." Kyle, That was so beautiful, You were able to open up to us like that
and That is beautiful. If nothing else comes of this just knowing all
this about each other is worth it all."Timmy squeezing both our hands now said in a soft almost fearful voice. "
Dad, Do You really feel that way too?
before Dad could answer Timmy leaned in his chair to get a look at Dad's
crotch. From across the table I was able to see Dad spreading his legs to
give Timmy a better view.Timmy laughed. " No need to answer that one Dad, I can see You feel the
same way. Oh Yea big time."I was again shocked now when Timmy the Ladies man, Reached over to Dad's
crotch and was taking hold of Our Dad's hard cock in his pants eternal beauty lolita russia
feeling and stroking it for him. Dad closed his eyes and was moaning." Oh Timmy, Yea Boy that's it get to know Daddy's big cock Son."Timmy was leaning way over in His chair to keep feeling Dad's cock. As He
did his own legs young preteen lolitanon nude
were out side ways in his chair. His own hard engorged
crotch right there. My dream of dreams. I got up and then down on the
floor. Timmy looked at me as I first touched his hard cock." Yea Kyle You do mine too buddy. Go ahead its all OK now."I was trembling now as I wanted more then to just feel it through his
jeans. I was using both hands now to undo Timmy's fly.Timmy never stopped getting to know Dad's cock but he said as his fly
came down." Oh God Kyle yea buddy do it take out my dick Man."The out line of his big cock in his white briefs was all I had hoped for
and much more. The flared cock head so well out lined in the thin briefs.
A wet spot at the slit which showed his cock slit all the more. His balls
enormous in the briefs. As I was feeling and stroking his 9 inch cock I
took hold of his balls and squeezed them too. Then I could wait no more.
Fear that He might only let me go so far made me rush it some. I knew
that once I had his cock in my mouth he would love it. I quickly pulled
down his briefs from the top. locking them in place under his balls. That
big flared Firemen's helmet of a cock sprang straight up at me. My nose
inhaling my twins cock aroma. I opened my mouth and took his while cock
head into my mouth. My tongue swirling all around the ridge of his flared
cock head." Oh God Dad, Kyle has my bare dick in his mouth. Oh Dad I can't believe
this. Oh Yea Kyle suck it Man. Oh Yea like that Kyle. OH Kyle I love your
mouth on my dick."My hand and my mouth were working as a team on Timmy's monster cock. I
was able bulletin board lolita preteen
to go all the way down and deep throat all his 9 inches into my
throat. I heard the rustling of clothes and with Timmy's cock deep in my
mouth look over and see my Dad pulling down his own pants and briefs and
his big 9 and a half uncut cock swelling more and more. Bobbing freely.
My twin hold Dad's balls as the cock was now free. Then I was eating
Timmy's cock as he took Dad's manhood into his own mouth and was bobbing
all over Dad's cock as I sucked his cock. For all he had said this was no
stranger to cock sucking for Timmy. He was driving Our Dad crazy and I
was so happy. Happy to have my Twin's cock fucking my mouth and Happy to
hear my dad loving Timmy eating free lolitas bbs menores
his cock meat. I was wild and crazy with
lust. Lust for my exact Twin. I wanted all his body and wanted it all
now. Those pec's of his I had been admiring. The hairy arm pits. His
hairy strong legs. His ass. His feet. Sucking and eating his cock and
balls. I was working his sneakers off, Then feeling his socked feet as
his cock was deep down my throat. Dad's moaning as his cock was being
sucked by Timmy's mouth drove me on. I pulled off Timmy's one sock and
then went down and was hold and licking his manly bare sexy foot. Timmy
was moaning his delight with Dad's cock in his mouth. Letting me know he
loved this fetish of mine. Then in my mad lust I was up getting Timmy's
shirt off and eating sucking on his manly nipples. Tasting My twins
sweaty skin. Then He raised his arm and I was licking and eating at his
sweaty smelly hairy arm pits.
I heard Timmy gagging and gasping for breath. Dad was forcing Timmy's
head to stay on his hard 9 and a half cock and he was shooting his load
of cum into Timmy's mouth. Dad's whole body convulsing as the strings of
cum shot with a great force into Timmy's mouth. I came off Timmy's arm
pit just as his own cock was erupting like a violent volcano. His thick
white cum load shooting up in the air like a oil well. I quickly got my
mouth around his cock and locked my lips all around his cock and was
taking in My twins next string of cum load. I sucked and sucked until the
gusher that was his cock lolita hairless gallery russian
had given my mouth its last load of man cream. I
came off the taste of Timmy's cock juice deliciously in my mouth. Timmy
came up off of Dad and we all just let out a breath of air. Laughing and
feeling so satisfied at the feat we had just collectively accomplished.
I looked now at my Dad sitting there on the dinning room chair. His pants
down around his ankle's. His cock exposed and getting soft. All wet from
his own cum and Timmy's saliva. His red pubic bush just as wet from the
two. I looked up his bare torso. His rippled ABS and big pec's. To his
handsome smiling satisfied face. We smiled at each other.
I had forgotten that I had pulled down my own pants to free my cock while
pleasuring my Brother's dick. Now Timmy was seated there and he took my
still hard cock into his mouth and was sucking on my dick. eating my cock
meat. I was holding his head and feeding Timmy my cock. Feed my dick to
my mirror image. Dad came around and was behind me feeling up my ass hole
and finger fucking my boy pussy while I was shoving my big 10 inch cock
down my Brother's throat. Dad's finger was pushing in and out of my hole
and I was pushing back on his finger. Wanting his cock in me." OH yea Kyle You've been fucked. Oh Yea Boy I want to fuck this hot boy
pussy too."OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck Daddddddddddddddddddddd"
I was sreaming as this wild hard flood on my cum was shooting into my
Brother's eating mouth. filling his throat with his twins cum load." OHHHHHHHHHHHHh yea Dad, Yea I cum in Timmy's mouth now OH Dad Yea You
can fuck me toooooooooooooooooo"We dressed up and cleared the table. Dad called his boss to let him know
He had his three men for the Island. We switched to beers in the Family
lounge Bar." That was absolutely fantastic" Dad had said. with this big grin on his
face.Timmy looked at me with dreamy eyes. " Kyle I loved what you were doing
to me. I love You Bro. And I swear to God to You Dad and You Kyle. What
we did was so out of this world . Fuck I am so glad we are out to each
other now. I hated having this secret. I hated pretending to be something
I am not."Dad laughed. " what are the odds Three queers in one Family"I stepped up and kissed Dad then Timmy. " I think this is going to be the
best year ever for the Kelly Boy's
We would talk into the lolita and c p night. the sun coming up on Our Saturday as we
each told of our past Homosexual experience. By the time that Sun came
up We had learned more about each other then we ever had in the last 18
years. We learned we shared so many Fetishes all unknown to each other.
We were all happy that life would never again be the same for Us again.You want to hear more or this let me know.
Write kevinmjoaol.com state Your age for legal reasons all answered as
soon as possible. Ideas welcomed.
Kevin Kelly
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